flexline® - the intelligent endoscope gives way.

Take the Macaroni Test!
Take a piece of Macaroni in your hands and bend it slowly. Can you hear how quickly it breaks? The common, rigid endoscopes react just the same and sensitively when you try to bend.
Did you know that up to 60% of all endoscope damage arises through breakage of rod lenses?
Optics with a diameter of less than 5 mm are those that are most strongly effected. The user bends the optic while pulling out too early and therefore damages the sensitive rod lens. This results in expensive repairs and maintenance.
Flexline Baholzer 
The Scope at the limit of capacity




Modern, rigid endoscopes are equipped with
highprecision optical elements. The limit of their
capacity is quickly reached. The fragile rod lenses are easily broken while withdrawing the endoscope, as the user of the optical shaft often deviates too quickly.

The Scope that lets you bend

flexline® endoscopes are different. The scope, which has a flexibility of 20°, works compatible with the user [even with high capacities]. The durability and operating span of the instrument is greatly increased and plays an active role in working economically and cost efficiently.
flexline® endoscopes are naturally autoclavable and were specially designed and developed for use in Gynecology, Urology, ENT and Arthroscopy.
flexline® - The smarter endoscope gives way.

The Scope that eases your budget
flexline® endoscopes are robust, even when working with high demands and expectations. In comparison, we can save you up to 60% of the regular repair costs that have previously been experienced with other endoscopes already on the market!
The Scope
with many advantages
• Highest image quality
 • New Technology
 • no rod lens breakage [rod lens guarantee]
 • Extremely long-lasting and durable
 • Notable reduction of repair costs, up to 60%
 • Less MTBF [mean time between failures]
 • Advancement in service of your patients
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